November 1, 2009

Halloween continued...

Don't we look, er, um, colourful?! Halloween night is definitely one of my very favourite nights of the whole entire year. Maybe even my #1 favourite. Jason painted my face first, to look like a Dia De Los Muertos skeleton in case you were wondering, but it took so long that there was no time left! We quickly painted Isabella's cat face ~ much more subtle than last time ~ and then I did a one-minute leafish design on Jason. I was pretty gloomy about missing the opportunity to Really paint Jason. I do rather love doing so. But there is always next year..
Our pumpkins are lovely. Lit up and shining on our kitchen table at this very moment (-:


  1. I've been waiting for these pics! You look awesome.

  2. Thankyou my dear!
    You know, it was you who inspired me to be a dia de los muertos skeleton (-:
    I think I'd like to do the same again next year, and paint Jason as one too,, They are so awesome!


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