February 24, 2010

Baby bum shuffle (:

Here is a slightly outdated photo (perhaps two weeks!) of Jude
visiting with his friend, the earth (: He loves being outside, and even
just a quick walk around the block or to Whole Foods to get a hot cocoa ~
(A busy mama needs one of those every once in a while!) makes
any day into a very happy day (: He loves the fresh air, wind,
singing birds and especially the rain..Just like his mama (:
I have not mentioned yet his newest and most amazing skill ~ The 'Bum Shuffle'!
He has been scooting around the floor for three days now, and it seems
that with each new day, he becomes even more speedy than the day before!
I know now that life is forever changed...My stationary 'little baby' is gone forever,
and in his place is a giggling, cat-chasing munchkin who is delighted with his
new-found gifts of freedom and movement (: I have been madly baby-proofing,
but cannot help the cats; The poor dears are on their own.
The sweetest thing is watching baby Jude shuffle across the floor into his Daddy's
outstretched arms, a huge smile on his little face (:


  1. Oh, I remember that when my daughter was about your son's age and we had a cat. That poor thing never rested after my daughter became mobile!!

  2. I know. I feel very sorry for the poor little things! But luckily for them, they have a few high-up places to rest (and hide!)(:


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