February 22, 2010

sick baby

Poor Jude has caught the nasty illness that Isabella dealt with all last week and consequently kept her home from school for four days. Stuffy, runny nose, achy body, all-round miserable with a horrible cough. Isabella made the most of her time, taking advantage of some library-rented movies which she watched on my laptop in bed, reading, writing letters and such. But Poor Jude just cries and fusses, and mainly at night ~ ALL night. Needless to say, we are both having quite an 'earthly experience' adventure. The poor wee thing; I spent most of the past two nights sleeping upright, propped on the giant, marshmallow-shaped pillow I made so long ago, holding him 'just so' against my chest so that he can breathe. During the day, I have been carrying him more than ever in the Moby wrap, which keeps an otherwise overwhelmed and grumpy baby boy rather content and even smiley at times. In fact, we just returned from a lovely stroll around the neighbourhood. The sky was exceptionally sunny this morning and I though the perfect thing for an ailing baby would be some fresh air and sun, and of course lots of friendly, open-faced strangers showering him with smiles and good energy (: He is snoring away right now, his sweet little face buried against my chest. Motherhood is a wild, crazy, completely unpredictable adventure, and of course I wouldn't change it for the world (:


  1. Thank you! Jude is already much better (: Sick babies are rather grumpy, so I am relieved! xo


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