February 5, 2010

Deer and Elk at Point Reyes

We LOVE Point Reyes. Had my camera batteries not run out within the first half hour that we were there, you would have a better idea just why that is. Ocean, coastline, hills, vultures and hawks circling, deer, elk, seals, whales (in season), an historic lighthouse and farms...
We first saw some deer in a field beside the road..I love deer; They are so ladylike and gentile.. (except when they stick their tongue out at you. This one in particular is so rude!)

And as we got closer and closer to the ocean, Elk! The males all hang out together, as do the females.The males are huge creatures, and of course they won't let you near them to get a decent photograph.
Thank goodness I have a decent zoom on my camera (-:

We ended up having a picnic lunch on McClure's Beach: french bread and cheese, kettle corn, blueberries, jasmine tea.. Jason and Isabella discovered a bunch of garnets (which are 'rubies' in their polished state) encased in a large rock and I did some peaceful crocheting beside Jude on the sand as he played with a few small toys and watched the huge waves rolling and crashing. It was lovely.

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  1. They're beautiful! I've seen the elk before on a trip to Point Reyes years ago.

  2. Yes, Very proud and regal..(: And any time you go there, you can always find them!


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