February 25, 2010

Jude (:



Well, I have no idea where the past eight months have gone, but somehow I find myself at this place in time where my baby Jude has been in our lives that long ~ At this very moment he is chatting away to himself and shuffling his little bottom across the floor. He is very goofy and has a great sense of humour, as tiny as he is. He had a doctor's check up yesterday, of which he was supremely unimpressed and cried the whole time. Jason picked him up to cuddle and comfort him for a moment and was promptly peed upon ~ Jude was sans diaper at the time ~ Good times. Then he cried the whole way home.
I took these pictures of Jude, Jason and I at a sweet little cafe in Berkeley where we have been going for four years now off and on,, They have the best chai tea lattes and a big huge jar of freshly made watermelon juice whenever you happen by. Yummy (:


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