February 23, 2010

i love the rain

Is there anything more magical, more peaceful, more wild and lovely?

As I write this, baby Jude rests on the couch, bundled up in blankets.
He is feeling a bit better today after a somewhat decent night's sleep,
helping him to fight off the illness..The day is rainy and dark, which I love,
and I can hear the happy chickadees chirping away on the patio.
The first wondrous signs of springs are utterly apparent now, which is a tricky
thing to notice in Northern California as it always sort of portrays a spring-like
climate, but indeed, the Magnolias are in bloom and the birds seem happier (:
I feel the change of season within me and respond sometimes unknowingly,
By madly vaccuming, cleaning  and sorting,
By taking longer spontaneous walks outside,
By dancing more and noticing the birdsong all of a sudden,
even though, most certainly, it was always there for me to hear (:


  1. Beautiful! So glad to hear some people are feeling spring coming. We are still trying to embrace the winter that doesn't seem to want to quietly pass. I'm a CA girl transplanted to the east coast, still not used to it. I'll think of your Magnolias while prepping for more SNOW! Hope your sweet baby is feeling all better soon.

  2. Thanks for the healing baby wishes (:
    It took me three years to get used to CA after being on the east coast ~ and while most people consider the climate 'paradise', I was a stubborn snow-lover! But I appreciate it a lot more now.. Still, at Christmas-time, it's just not the same without the snow ):
    Enjoy the lovely snow for me, and I'll enjoy the Magnolias for you (:


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