February 19, 2010

GIVEAWAY!!!!! Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!

YOU just might be the lucky lucky person to win TWO of my own handmade treasures (:

This lovely gnome and art print are being featured in a ♥GIVEAWAY♥ at the wondrous Garden Mama's Blog
so scoot on over there and leave your comments..cross your fingers.. (:

February IS indeed the month of love...♥♥♥
It brings my heart a true burst of joy to lovingly pass these two creations on to you...
Into your hands, into your home, into your life



  1. These are so beautiful and fun. I saw your work on Gardenmama, what a fun giveaway! Your dolls and gals are the sweetest....

  2. Thank you for the sweet comments (: And thank you for stopping by..

  3. They are beautiful!!!
    I love the story of the Art print!
    I saw this morning a gnome in my garden ;)

  4. Hi Samantha, I'm so pleased to have found you here in blogland! I adore your work, thank you! I will put you on my blogroll, to get inspired every day.

    Big Kiss, Guusje

  5. darn! I didn't win..but that's ok :)


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