March 23, 2009

28 weeks

Today I hit the '28 week' mark of my pregnancy, although I'm not particularly attached to time frames or dates or weeks or months.. In this pregnancy I am doing my best to just 'be' and carry on, listening to my body and its' messages to me so that I can be a most efficient vessel of the miraculous event that will culminate with the birth of my child. Nevertheless, I do have to attend certain prenatal appointments, which are for the most part quite pleasant and I do look forward to them,, But in my own world, in my own small space on the planet I am tracking instead the passing moons of my pregnancy and my strength and wisdom from within.
Technically, according to the medical standard of measuring a woman's pregnancy, I would be considered '27 weeks' pregnant, where the baby is actually '25 weeks' old, but I know on which very evening my sweet babe was conceived for I felt it with every part of me. It was magical and a very wild, connected sensation; That which occurred at the moment of conception ~ and I feel profoundly blessed that I was open and clear enough to understand what was happening (-:

28 weeks. Seven months. And here I am:


  1. Oh lovely pic such a sweet picture and brought back appy memories of my pregnancy :) I love your blog - so uplifting. sarah xx


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