March 24, 2009

Mabel's flower wall (-:

A little while ago, I built Mabel a cardboard bunny~enclosure so that she could hop freely in and out of her cage without having full use of the entire family room. Initially, we allowed her to roam freely but on three occasions she let us know that she is much too territorial to have SO much freedom, (yes, she peed on the floor, naughty girl). I would way rather have her out all the time as the cats are, but with this particular lady, it just isn't to be. Her litter training is excellent, but when it comes to territorial marking (and who can blame her, with three cats, all larger than her, chasing her and getting in her poor little furry face?) this is to be the way of it. I had researched various pet gates but they are typically made of plastic or wire and pretty ugly and not exactly something I would wish to be in our living room... Not that a large wall of cardboard is any better, But we had a big piece and I'm a pretty big fan of making due with what you have on hand, doing it yourself and using your creativity, so I shaped and painted it. Just a simple design of various flowers with black ink, but it does look much better now.

"A bunny's a delightful habit;
No home's complete without a rabbit."

(from the sweet children's book 'Marshmallow')

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