March 11, 2009

~dried mango slices~

(that's what I'm eating today, yummy..)
This faerie lady makes me think of gardens and flowers and plants and spring! How I wish to amass our patio with a plethora of differently coloured flowers to cheer my heart (-: I have something of a push-pull going on inside of me these days, Knowing that our ultimate goal is to get back to Canada and live near my friends and family again,, But then, We ARE still here in California and will be for a bit at least...This is a lesson in living fully each moment, Not getting too far ahead of myself. Of truly being HERE because I am here. I will discuss the matter with Jason. I think I need some flowers (-:

This morning I no sooner kissed Isabella goodbye and sent her off to school than my Mom phoned; A welcome surprise (-: We chatted for a good two hours and it put me in good spirits indeed ^__^ I have a midwife appointment this afternoon and this also cheers me; It has been a month and a half since my last one and it will be nice to talk with her. I used to abhor my ob/gyn appointments but now that we have started with a new facility that has midwives, all that has changed. Thank goodness, because if not I'm not sure what I would do,, But it would probably be drastic..

My recent pregnancy craving has been.......cheerios! Not 'real' cheerios, but rather the Trader Joe's brand 'Honey Nut O's' which just really do it for me right now. Pregnancy is so silly! I have gone through a few cravings this time around although none of them have been so bizarre: watermelon juice, vegetarian sushi rolls, mochi for a short while, buttermilk biscuits, root beer, weetabix, and now the cheerios.

My belly is growing beautifully...I'm roughly 6 and a half months pregnant now and I look it, although, isn't it a funny thing ~ The mind.. I am still in some odd in-between state of consciousness concerning the birth of this child of mine; Disbelief and an inability to comprehend the vastness of the changes that are soon to come to me and my life. And this, coming from someone who has already carried, birthed and raised a child during the past eight years! I tend to think of it as being a gift, This feeling of innocence and the consequent ability to start fresh all over again.. (-: It will enable me to come from a place of naturalness and intuition like I did when raising Isabella, without any junk piled up in my thoughts from too much information and experience.

Isabella was a bit under the weather this week, so she stayed home from school on Monday and Tuesday. The poor girl had a nasty cold and a bit of a fever so she camped out on the couch the first day, eating fruit and drinking water and watching Tom and Jerry cartoons on YouTube (you may recall that we don't own a tv and only use such forms of passive entertainment for rare occasions) and the next day she spent a great deal of time sitting on a huge pillow knitting while Mabel snuggled on her lap. So sweet (-: We also worked together putting compiling a birthday package for her Grandma Jude, whose birthday is coming this month, and she took a really really really lengthy bubble bath. Ahh, the life..

My artwork has been somewhat side-burnered although I do have a fabric art project on the go that I would like to finish. Two actually. I am eager to fill the blank white spaces above our couch and bed with something..and handmade homemade certainly carries the best energy (-: I love the thought of personally building your life, Putting your hands and heart into everything from childcare to bread to the art hanging on the walls, the toys your children play with and the dishes you eat off of.

(-: Have a beautiful day!

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