March 25, 2009

oop! an etsy front page ~

So, somehow I missed this etsy front page, which isn't hard to do, But good indeed that I came across it on flickr! This one was up on Feb.23rd, and my hand-drawn bunny girl was included! She has since gone out into the world, to a new home and life and I do hope she's happy (-:

Interestingly, what prompted me to do a search for past front pages where I may have been included is the fact that I went to etsy just a few moments ago and saw that one of my art prints was on the front page! That was a shocker (-: A good one, of course. With my preparations for my sister's visit, my pregnancy, life and all, I have been a bit lacking in the art department but I think the universe is giving me a bit of a nudge...I need such a thing sometimes (-:

Did I mention my sister is coming?? Of course I did,, because I am so very pleased! Tonight, arriving in San Fransisco, she will have been transported all the way across the continent! Yippee! Fun times ahead...

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