March 13, 2009

Slightly sick

(Buddha-board picture; How I love to make these!)

My sweet Isabella was nice enough to give me her cold, which I promptly experienced all day yesterday and continue to sample at this moment...Mind you, I feel MUCH better than I did yesterday when I was so dilerious that I asked one of the cats to please get me some water, and for some reason I thought my request would be granted.


Yes, I am feeling much better. Wonderful Jason brought me a cupcake from his school, which I ate despite the body aches and misery. It helped some (-:

He also refilled the bird feeders last night and already the patio is a happy symphony of birdsong; My favourite sound.



  1. Thanks sweet Barb, I already feel much better and I am spring cleaning (-: Getting ready to usher in newness of a new season, new body, and a new life xoxo


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