March 21, 2009

A few new sketches (-:

I did these new quick sketches in my moleskin sketchbook...
The evening is quiet and calm and I am taking a moment to write a little something. Isabella and I spent the day together here at home while Jason went rockhounding. We had leisurely showers, ate oreo cookies and drank herbal tea, strung up scarves and saris to make a "secret corner" in Isabella's room for her Harry Potter magic studies, lounged in her bed with a hot water bottle reading books and writing letters, and talked and talked and talked. I do love my little girl. She is a wonderful child and a wonderful friend..

I can't wait to meet my second beautiful baby (-: Less than three months to go!

My sister is coming in just a matter of days now! Isabella and I are going to wash the windows tomorrow to honour her arrival (-: I am still in disbelief, which is so silly but must just be the way of my inner workings.

I have been experiencing some serious nesting instincts as of late... I understand that it is a completely natural behaviour had by pregnant ladies like myself and yet, it can make me slightly crazy if I am unaware of why I want to sweep the floor a hundred times a day or fix the rumpled couch cover every time I walk past it, or organize the baby clothes, bath supplies and blankets once every day. I find it helps to get out a lot. Many walks. Fresh air. And with my sister coming, that should be the perfect, healing diversion from my nesting instincts. Whew. I am taking a nice big, deep breath...


  1. OH Sam. I wish we could come and divert you. I know you would fall right in love with my special munchkins too.

  2. One more thing. I love love love your pretty new sketches.

  3. OH Barb, I wish you could come and divert me as well, But we will be moving home soon enough, and I cannot wait to meet your beautiful, sweet munchkins (-:
    Thank you for loving my sketches (-:


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