August 26, 2011

As of late..

We have been baking, which is lots of fun for everyone..

and making diapers for robots and motorcycles (:

We took place in an outdoor art show

and got some new paints!

Lots of beautiful paintings are piling up! This makes my heart happy (:

Matilda is still with us. She likes to spend her days in the garden..

and we have also visited our friends at Willowtree market, which is only a hop, skip and a jump from our house!

Jude's love of tractors is really intense (;

We have been playing a lot..

and of course, picking mushrooms. Jude really loves to pick mushrooms!

The diapers and their wash~dry routine are pretty much endless in my little world. I can't believe I'll be diapering a second in November! Crossing my fingers that Jude will make the switch before then! (Not likely..but that's ok) I'm a big fan of not rushing things because I trust that they will unfold effortlessly in their own natural timing (:

Toddler naps are when Mama can do her new favourite thing...

Knitting! I am truly obsessed (: It is SO much fun, even more than crocheting I think!

The lovely Bella has been making bracelets for everyone. She wove the friendship bracelet and beaded the others (They are actually for the members of a certain secret spy club but that's all I can say about that)

Our fridge doth blossom with youthful creativity (:

A beautiful lunch:

Jason has been crazy~busy making origami, which has been selling like hotcakes in my shop. Yay! I make it too, but he's much faster and Jude never lets me out of his sight long enough to really make a dent in our orders. Night and nap time are this mama's magical moments for productivity (:

We have spent lots of time in the car driving to midwife appointments, the grocery store, the bakery, to weekend art shows and new destinations to pick up wonderful free finds off of freecycle (which is so fun by the way! I love meeting like-minded people!), to Staples, the post office, the library, swimming lessons and Native Focus (the shop where I occasionally work) Whew! It has been a busy month..

I am so proud of Bella. She is swimming beautifully!

And in between all of these crazy summer moments, Jason is madly preparing for his autumn teaching position at the college, I am seeking out local farmhouses for rent in the coming months and of course, growing a new baby boy to welcome into our family (: My belly is very, very round and the coming birth of this new soul is uppermost in my thoughts! Hence the knitting, and sewing of baby hats, crocheting of little toys and chronic floor-sweeping (:



  1. this is a great post! And yay, I am glad you are knitting!

  2. I know, I love knitting so much now! It's very cathartic (:


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