August 2, 2011

Breakfast thoughts

I'm just finishing up my breakfast of oatmeal with apples, sliced almonds and honey and a big glass of water as I write this. It is a bit of a miracle that I am doing this at all ~ Jude is still cozied in bed dreaming away his toddler-boy dreams. I have indulged in my morning shower, swept the floor (twice, mind you, Thanks to three mischievious cats who insist on leaping out of the litter box in turn without shaking off their paws beforehand, leaving trails of kitty litter all over the newly-swept floor and then leaping onto the table to further their naughtiness). The day is a hot one, I can already tell. I have put on the air conditioner for a bit to cool the kitchen. Poor Mabel-bunny does not handle the heat at all and until the really immense heatwave we didn't even install the air conditioner; she basically flopped on the floor all day looking miserable and shedding like crazy. Now she is much more chipper (:

My belly is huge. Truly. When I'm out and about people have taken to asking me when I am due and when I tell them 'November' their eyes widen with shock. They were expecting to hear 'Any day now' I'm sure! Jude was a big baby (9 lbs, 12 ounces when born) and this next baby boy is following the same path apparently. The heat has really knocked me over. Being this pregnant in this immense heat leaves me feeling like a lifeless jellyfish, and that's no fun at all. I find myself excited at the thought of cool, brisk, fresh autumn but at the same time I know that that will signal the end of our lovely garden season and the onset of another brutal, seemingly endless Canadian winter. Ah, such is life. I am spoiled after my life in sunny, never-too-hot northern California!

Isabella has started her swimming lessons, which will continue until the end of August. They are just a half an hour each day, which is really such a short time but definitely worth it, and she does love to swim. I hope we land in a place with a nearby lake one day so that she can enjoy this favourite activity of hers on a daily basis and it can become a major part of her life, not just an occasional happening. Water is so healing. So is tending the garden, although mainly it is Jason who partakes of that. I am feeling so drained and tired and hot and working in the garden while the sun beats down on me is the last thing my body wants right now. I feel a bit embarrassed and saddened to admit this, but at the same time I am doing a much better job of listening to my body with this pregnancy and just 'going with it' than I did with any of my other pregnancies. Really, it's just a short time and the task is so immensely important, the last thing I want to do is plow through and end up completely wasted. That has always been my pattern and I'm quite sure most mothers are the same. To listen, breathe, and not take everything so seriously ~ These are the lessons I am most trying to embrace right now. This third babe of mine will arrive in just three months! What an amazing thing!


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