August 9, 2011

rain and other good things

We had some serious, all-day rain a few days ago. The kind that pounds into the ground and changes your world...I love that sort of rain (: Jude cannot go a whole day without some feet-on-the-earth time, so we hurried outside when the rain relented just a bit. He loved it.

Today it is sunny (: We have been in the garden a few times, sitting on the newly added garden bench that Jason spotted on the side of the road (Thank you to the kind spirits of free treasures!) that is nestled in the growing sunflower/morning glory house. It is my new favourite place in all the world. Truly magical. I will post some pictures soon (:

We also shared some licorice allsorts and tea on the picnic table outside. I have always liked those. It must be the dutch blood running thought my veins..! Apparently Jude also likes them. He tried to eat all of them. A bit greedy...hmm. Now, if I am lucky I may finish one of my in-progress baby pilot caps! Jude has blessed me with a nap (:


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