August 1, 2011

crocheted mouse family (:

I have found a new obsession ~ crocheting mice!

They are so satisfying to make because they are super-simple and come together really fast! So far I have made five; one to represent each member of the family ~ Jason, Bella, Jude, myself and little baby fellow who as yet has no name (: I haven't made the grandparent mice yet!

Jude intercepted my mouse photo shoot, as you can see. He played with them really nicely, putting them into his litttle teacup, driving them around the table and giving them kisses. Usually he is much more torturous with soft toys, but we're working on that one (-;

I have started crocheting a baby bonnet now, a purple one for my coming little one. He will be born in the winter and heaven knows the winters here are harsh..I'm also sewing some flannel-lined bonnets and they are turning out so lovely! I will take pictures when they're done. I'm making a bunch of them (: How I love to create with my hands! My heart is a happy one (:


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