August 31, 2011

update on baby hats

Here are the baby hats I have been working on! I took these photos a few days ago so the knitted pilot cap is actually finished now with ties attached (: I saw the same hat at at Melanie's blog, Our Ash Grove (one of my very favourite blogs) and I had to make it for the baby. I have only ever knitted scarves before and basically knew nothing at all about knitting, so the project was both exciting, frustrating, and a profound learning experience! Knitting from a pattern, doing things I have never done before and then seeing the finished result has been very good for me. I am completely obsessed actually and have started dreaming about knitting (-: I have already started on a second pilot cap in the next size up, which will hopefully fit Jude. My little loves can both have matching melons when the cold autumn winds start to blow...although I am using a different coloured yarn this time around. The top picture bonnets are adorable and I cannot wait to see them on a baby head. I lined all three with some green flowery flannel that I purchased way back before Isabella was born and I was sewing lots of baby nighties for her. Not the most 'masculine' fabric but does it really matter when they are that small? I don't think so. Jude wears a light yellow t-shirt with mushrooms on it all the time and while someone else might deem it sort of girly, I think he looks adorable (:

I also wanted to say thank you to Susana Tavares for featuring one of my designs on her blog post; a tribute to trees (: Yay!

oh, and I'm featured here too ~ at the fancy house road blog (:

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