July 11, 2011

Four new paintings!

It's always a great feeling to list new items in my etsy shop (-:
I actually created these paintings during the winter~time but sort of forgot about them with the hustle and bustle of my general life happenings. Now that they have been unearthed, scanned and listed in my shop, I can enjoy them much better (: This first one, the Owl with a beret, was painted with watercolours, a bit of acrylic paint, brush and ink, and drawing pen:

I loved my first Big Bunny lost in the woods illustration so much, I decided to create another one (Big Bunny ink and watercolour), only this time I used watercolours and ink rather than illustration markers and coloured pencils:

And then there is this sweet watercolour, Little Lady in the flowers:

Another bird totem! This one is black ink on blue acrylic (-: I love this one!

All can be found in my etsy shop!

1 comment:

  1. I love them all! The blue bird totem is particularly lovely though!


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