July 7, 2011

in the garden

I would like to say that our lovely garden has been tended as it deserves. I would love to say that I spend countless hours weeding and tending and enjoying it's nature offerings. I would also like to say that I think of it often and fantasize about all the things I would love to do in there, the way I used to when I gardened before having children. I think it is pretty obvious where this is going...(-; Jason has done a wonderful job of weeding and watering and tending. I pop out to our special garden space every couple days to witness the miracle of growth and blossoming that is taking place..Actually, that is not true. As of a week ago, when I realized that my herbs and lettuce had grown to remarkable sizes, I have started visiting a few times a day to collect for salads and pots of tea (: It really is an amazing feeling to throw together your dinner from vegetables that are growing right in the back yard. I love love love motherhood but I also anticipate the day when I can tend a garden as much as I please (: Jude has an amazing amount of energy and constantly runs off, me running off after him after only two minutes spent in the green solace of the plants! He does love to pick radishes though (-;

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