July 17, 2011

we love handmade gifts!

Aren't these beautiful? Even before you know what they are?

We visited with a good friend of mine this afternoon and she and her four-year old son had made for Jude a very special (and slightly belated!) birthday present; homemade play dough! In five different colours and one even had sparkles! They squished the dough into cool little jars and stuck unique labels onto the front that said the names of the play dough colours: Strawberry, Blue Side, Zorange, Pesto Pasta and Dark Side. Very fun, definitely four-year old names (-; I love love love and appreciate handmade gifts like no others!


1 comment:

  1. Hi Samantha, thank you for the comment on my blog. :)
    Homemade gifts are the best- this one is perfect. I love the pretty jars, too, your little friend put a lot of thought into this gift!
    And I LOVE your etsy shop, I had come across it a little while back admiring your work, and was pleasantly surprised to find you are the same person!


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