July 23, 2011

new pants for Jude!

I just finished these lovely loose, light pants for Jude! I actually constructed them ages ago..over a year ago I recall, when we still lived in California. I had sewed up a bunch of pants suitable for his big, cloth-diapered bottom but then realized I had no elastic to finish the waistbands. Into my fabric stash they all went, waiting patiently...I don't think they were really that disheartened. They wouldn't have fit him back then anyway!
I made them from an old shirt of mine, a cottony black and white striped one. I was thinking he perhaps had a Parisian flair while donning them, but Jason thought Venetian was more the look (-; I do love to sew. There cannot be anything more immediately gratifying than making baby & toddler clothing too, for they stitch up so quickly and from a small amount of fabric. And then there is the immense satisfaction of watching your little one dance and run and play whilst wearing your creation (:


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