July 18, 2011

more lovely garden moments

Our garden just gets more lush and beautiful every day (:

One of the most lovely surprises is that some sneaky chamomile has commenced growing all throughout the garden: along pathways and in between beds of flowers and vegetables ~ I had grown a lovely garden in this very same spot more than 11 years ago and the chamomile that I so lovingly tended at that time has made a repeat appearance! What a gift! Jude readily identifies it now and picks handfuls, along with bunches of lemon balm, to drop into our teapot! It's funny that no one realized that the chamomile was still growing there, but I suppose the garden had been forgotten; it grew in with grass and weeds and then became repeatedly mowed with the rest of the grass on the lawn. I'm glad it waited so patiently for me to return (:

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