July 12, 2011

photo shoot by ten-year old Bella (:

Isabella followed me around with the camera on the weekend and took these! I love her photography. I could never see things or capture images the way she does. (:

The days here have been very, very hot. There has been a lot of low-key loafing going on in order to stay cool. Not Jude though! He's his usual energetic self, bombing around squealing and chatting and running while the rest of us sit panting in the shade (-; He was basically miserable all last summer, made ornery by the extreme humidity and heat. This year he seems to be faring a bit better. The garden hose certainly helps him to keep cheery. He will aim it at anyone unlucky enough to pass by! I am eager to get Isabella involved in swimming lessons again, and we are thinking it may be fun for her to attend an arts/drama/dance day camp that is taking place here in town. Fun! When I was little I went to tennis camp every summer and one year I attended horse camp. I was a horse crazy girl (-: Isabella has let me know that she would love to have that same experience too. I suppose certain things run through the veins: creativity, horse-love and chocolate adoration for sure (-;


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