July 3, 2011

Jude's birthday recap (:

I thought I would post a few pictures from Jude's second birthday party, which was pretty low-key and suited to a very active, overtired (not a whole lot of sleep the night before), slightly grumpy two year old (poor Jude was having a mean reflux flare up for the three days and nights prior). I had hoped to invite some friends of mine who have two small boys that Jude loves to play with; I imagined a jolly early evening campfire and lots of outdoor activities to keep the boys happy and entertained but realized two nights before the slope we were headed down, having experienced many, many severe reflux flareups during Jude's lifetime.
Grandma-Jude and I took little Jude out with us during the day and had him pick out the cupcakes he fancied the best as well as a balloon. I got him the treat of his choosing at a small organic cafe in town and we sat there while he enjoyed it (: On the way home we picked up a pizza to satisfy the other party-goers and then held a small birthday party, Jude-style, at the kitchen table. He was delighted with his gifts; a wooden transport truck holding four little cars, a handmade wooden tractor, police car, vintage wooden fire engine, and a small basket ball with a basket. We relit his candles while he repeatedly blew them out, and then he ate a few mouthfuls of ice cream but didn't eat his cupcake.
Two years old!


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