July 6, 2011

outdoor art show (:

On Canada day, Jason and I set up our booth o' wares in Palmer Park. While the day turned out to be less bustling as we had hoped, we met some really lovely people and then enjoyed pizza at home with some family and friends, and then ended the day by returning to the same park at dusk to enjoy the firework show (: I thought Jude would love them but truly, he was not at all amazed. Funny boy (:

By the way, these collaged cards were made by 10-year old Isabella! She is one seriously talented girl (: One of the most prominent art figures in the town was floored when we told her who made them. I cannot wait to see what else Isabella creates as she grows (:

Now we are gearing up for another art in the park that will take place in August (: I do like taking part in shows but wow, is it ever chaotic setting up with a toddler there! Jude certainly adds an element of total craziness to the mix! All the other vendors were set up in less than an hour whereas we took three hours! Basically, he was constantly running off or taking the items from our table and putting them back in their strorage boxes...Hmm...Fun times!

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