November 22, 2008

dozey Saturday

Saturday has me at home with my lovely family; We are blessed to have the next nine days together uninterrupted because of the Thanksgiving holiday. ^__^ In Canada, we didn't celebrate to such a great extent; Christmas is the biggie there..
We have been busy rabbit-proofing the living room more effectively, and took down the cardboard barriers that sectioned off the corner of the room around Mabel's cage so that she can venture farther out. Yay! When we first brought her home we were much too eager to invite her into the main living space and didn't leave enough time for her to become bonded to her cage and litter box. Needless to say, a few accidents happened and we were forced to start over again, confining her first to her cage for a few weeks and then to the corner of the room. I think she will be much more refined now (-: Sweet little bun..

Jason is sketching on the couch beside me and Isabella is chatting to her Tashy (my sis) on the phone, so far away in Ontario where the snows fall and fall and fall. The very thought of it brings tears to my eyes, for indeed snow is my greatest love, especially during Christmas time, but I can find comfort in the knowledge that we will be there too, hopefully within a year, and can play in the snow and enjoy it's sparkley magical presence as the Christmas carols play and handmade gifts are lovingly made (-:

And with that I am off! Tea is calling methinks (-:

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