November 17, 2008

many things indeed ^__^

This weekend, although relatively calm, was filled with surprises! Jason and I both sold two prints each on etsy, and I also sold a baby t-shirt! Yay! I have been featured in a couple etsy treasuries lately as well, which is always quite jolly.. I also finished making some happy plush pillow people and I do hope they find loving homes. They are already posted to my etsy shop so please see them there!

This morning I zipped down to the post office and mailed off the treasures and then visited my friend Lloyd the crossing guard. He's very silly and always lets me know how much he is in love with me (He also happens to be 73 years old). We had a lovely catch-up and I enjoyed a slow walk home, marveling at the singing birds and lovely smells of...autumn? For it seems more like spring here; It is warm and the sparrows are gleefully chirping as they do in the spring and summer. I will never get used to this bizarre, season-less place!

1 comment:

  1. congradulations on all your etsy sales.. I saw one of your dolls on cuteable and thought it was beautiful.

    have a lovely day.


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