November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving break!

We've had a rather mellow break this Thanksgiving; staying mostly local in comparison to other years where we were more inclined towards camping trips and traveling to various parts of California left yet unexplored. Yesterday was spent at the nearby bonsai garden, then the bird sanctuary where we marveled at the ducks, geese, cranes, pelicans and night herons. We dined at Los Cantaros and then spent the evening with Mabel and the kitties ^__^ Today was more constructive; Isabella and I never left the table for most of the day; She reading her geography textbook, practicing multiplication tables, writing/illustrating a book about Socrates (our cat) and playing 'Princess school'. I read and sewed and helped her with her studies. Jason had a great deal of studying to do for his upcoming test so he hung out on the patio reading his textbook and drinking green tea..

The great thing about staying home is that creative endeavours get accomplished! Here are some of our newest:
The top two onesies are printed with my original illustrations and the bottom two feature the artwork of my husband Jason. They are all posted on my etsy shop:

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