November 20, 2008

Happy birthday to me..

So yes, it is indeed my birthday. It doesn't feel like my birthday though. I suppose this is because the day is so quiet and I am a solitary being until the school day comes to an end.

My first birthday present was a nose rub from Socrates (sweet kitty) when I first woke this morning as he snuggled on my chest in bed.

My second birthday present was discovering Isabella's legs and hands are covered in hives. No, not a good gift. I agree. Apparently she is allergic to something. Joy.

My third birthday present has come from Mabel for the last hour and a half while she digs furiously in the corner of her cage, giving me a rather large and annoying headache.

My fourth birthday present came in the form of an email. I sold an art print!

My fifth birthday present are all the happy birthday wishes that I have gotten from my friends.

So far...


  1. I hope the rest of your birthday weekend turns out better than your birthday morning sounds. and the art print sale is definitly a positive present!

    best wishes for the rest of your birthday weekend (most definitly a weekend its not about the age or the presents its about haveing a nice time and going lovely places and seeing lovely things.

  2. Ah yes, so true (-: Sometimes I get all childish abut birthdays, expecting them to feel magical as they did when I was little. I forget sometimes that I am grown up now! And that I create my own magic in my own moments..
    But the rest of my birthday turned out quite nice, and the sale of that print was definitely a great present!
    Thank you for writing Apryl (-:


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