November 4, 2008

Hooray for Jason!!

He sold this original oil painting today!!!!!!!!

I'm so darned proud of my darlin'... Not only does he sell this painting,
He also gets to vote in the most important US presidential election ever!
Go OBAMA!! I would so vote for him if only I weren't Canadian...
Jason's vote will just have to be twice as power-packed.

More news to report: I have created a lovely etsy treasury!
This is my second treasury; Those things are hard to get a hold of!!
Here are some shots of it:

As well, my work was featured in two other treasuries! Yay!
So I took pictures of those beauties as well. Jason made this one
and my
"The Land Of Snow Bunnies" print is included:

And here's the second one! What's great about this is that the curator included
both my "Thoughtful Purple Octopus" print, as well as Jason's "David", an original
oil painting! I don't know if he realized that we were married, funny that!

Thank you InvisibleFountain!

Anyways, yes, many good things are taking place.

Many good things (-:

1 comment:

  1. Hoho!
    I have tagged you!
    Have a look at my blog to see what the heck I'm yelling about :)

    see ya around dearie!


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