November 14, 2008

for the love of Mabel

Friday afternoon has found me to be quite exhausted indeed; After a sleep filled with nightmares, I am presuming due to the full moon, I am a wreck. I would gladly curl up on the couch and nap but I have things I want to do instead; sewing and creating,, although attempting to do so in such a state doesn't produce the best of results. Nevertheless, this is my choosing on this day and I will try and catch an earlier bedtime tonight. It will be lovely to sleep in tomorrow morning. I can hardly wait.

I have spent quite some time reading a blog about a family with 11 children, many of them adopted from Russia and the Ukraine, and a few of them with either physical deformities, mental disabilities, or both. Certain aspects of their story brought tears to my eyes. I have contemplated for years the fostering or adoption of a needy child(ren) and it always tugs at my heartstrings in a profound way. It isn't to be at this time I know, but still.

I can say with true joy that our four pets have all been rescued, especially in the case of Mabel who, as a rabbit had a very small chance of ever being adopted and a very large chance of being euthanized. Every day as I spend time with her, sitting on the floor and stroking her fluffy cheeks while she nestles against my leg and kisses my hands and arms, I am so grateful we could give her such a happy home. She is pure love. You know, when we went to the shelter to inquire about the rabbits there I was shocked to discover 40 rabbits, sad and confused, locked in tiny cages. I suppose dogs and cats have a better chance of finding a home in general because people naturally think of those two choices when considering a pet. Rabbits are so misunderstood but so delightful! We have had Mabel with us now for almost two months and she is fully litter-trained, loving as anything and very bonded with us. She is an angel. I cannot think of a better animal friend ^__^

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  1. I love the pictures of Mabel!
    Especially the one where you see her little tail :) She is so sweet and seem to be a very lovely little person. :)


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