November 18, 2008

More happy happy!

Oh my goodness! So many happy things happening ^__^

As I sometimes do, I created an etsy treasury featuring a bunch
of really cool & nicely coordinated items from other etsy sellers
in the hopes that it would make the front page, and it DID!!

This is my first treasury to make it to the front page,
and I have made three so far (-: And the best news of all is that
SIX of the items sold! Yaaaayyyyy! I am so happy for all the artists..

I have also received emails letting me know I've been
featured in TWO blogs! Please take a look here:


And now, for the time being, I am sipping my jasmine
green tea and dreaming up new things to make (-:


  1. Hey didn't I FB you that I saw another one of your treasuries on the front page last week? am I imagining?

    You have an awesome aesthetic and I'm not surprised that your treasury got notice!

  2. Thanks Barb! Yes, you totally FB'd me last week but I didn't make that treasury, my artwork was in it. This one, I made it (-:
    You're so sweet xo


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