November 13, 2008

oh me oh my

This past week has been rather different than the usual daily routine, on the occasion that Tuesday was Memorial day and so I had my loves home with me. Jason also took off Wednesday because he was feeling under the weather.. We completed many menial tasks that needed to get done; the mailing of art prints and paintings to their happy new owners, immigration/legal tasks, the purchasing of stuffing (oh how I have missed having stuffing to work with!!) and such.

I haven't had a chance to talk with my Mom and sister in over a week and I am itching to reconnect with them; to hear of newness and change and whether the snow is falling in beautiful Ontario...
I just finished my lunch, consisting of vegetarian lasagna and now I will treat myself to some honeydew melon slices and get busy sewing. I have a bunch of new plushies to complete and then they will be posted on my shops. Yay!
I also made some adorable baby t-shirts and onesies printed with a few of my original illustrations! Fun! Fun! Fun!

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