May 17, 2010

Baby food

...of the blueberry~pear variety (:

Jude loves his food. I love making his food. There is something so satisfying about making up a batch of baby food (: I feel peaceful and happy during the process and fulfilled afterwards knowing that his little body is being fueled by real, healthy whole foods. So far I have made cooked apple sauce, pear sauce, apple-blueberry, apple-strawberry, apple-banana, blueberry-pear, sweet potato and three-grain cereal with apples and strawberries. I make enough to last an entire week all at once and keep these in tupperware containers in the freezer and take them out to thaw each morning. While these are good to have in a pinch, I am really more of a raw food fan ~ so I usually try to whip up a quick meal for Jude in the blender when he's hungry. He'll have banana, banana mixed with rice or grain cereal, mango, avacado, avacado with apples, any kind of berries, pears, apples...I do need to expand my baby food repertoire to include more veggies, but for now I just keep a couple organic jars on hand. I look forward to sneaking fresh kale and other such greens into his smoothies as I do for his big sister ;-)

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