May 13, 2010

Wash Wednesday

Yes, I know it is Thursday, Not Wednesday! But I wanted to join the fun that Garden Mama has started (: It revolves around something that I absolutely adore, which is the beautiful sight and cherished use and presence of the clothesline.
I LOVE clotheslines.
They are one of my favourite things of all time to look at. They make my heart happy (: Garden Mama has created a lovely blog post dedicated to the honourable clothesline, and these two pictures of mine are included ~ Baby Jude's cloth diapers, drying in the sun and wind on our little patio. I have posted these before, Many months ago - in the summer methinks, when I was just embarking on the babyhood adventure for the second time..I realize that these were only taken about 8 months ago and yet it feels like a lifetime has passed me by already. Time is indeed a funny thing.

Aren't they pretty? Soon this clothesline will be no longer..We are to leap into a whole new chapter of our lives, taking up residence in Canada! I am delighted, unbelieving, overwhelmed, unsure, ecstatic, excited, relieved, anxious, worried, and just plain happy. I will be reunited with my wonderful family after living in California for four years. My heart has been happy and yet breaking at the same time. Four years is too long to be away from your beautiful parents and sister. And when we move to Canada, wouldn't you know,  My wonderful Mama has an antique clothesline waiting for only me, One that she picked up in her travels and which called out to her on my behalf (:


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  1. Beautiful -- I saw this over on Gardenmama's blog...


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