May 6, 2010

Little pants for my little love (:

Time for creative pursuits is a rarity these days, but as I discovered in the rather hard way, if I do not make things with my hands ~ Even if it is a tiny thing and only for a half an hour, I feel miserable. So, I made these super-cute, and super-quick bandana pants (: I whipped up a pattern and zip-zoop-zeep, in an hour they were done and on baby Jude! I might mention that since he wears cloth diapers he has a very round and puffy baby bottom, and most pants out there do not accomodate ;-) They are clearly designed for babies who wear disposables. So,, I am happy for Jude now that he is super-comfy and doesn't haveto squash his bottom into his pants anymore! Yay! I have actually created two different baby pants patterns, and I am sewing up a bunch of different pairs from our unused t-shirts n' such. Shall post them soon. (:



  1. I recently discovered your art work on Etsy and love it! I featured you on my blog here Hope you like it!

  2. Oh, my! Those pants are too funny & too cute!!!

  3. Those pants are fantastic! I had the same problem with my short people...


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