May 16, 2010

California Mission trip ~ part six ♥ ~ Mission La Purisima

This place, this magical place ~ Mission La Purisima was, by far my absolute favourite mission (: We were there for over three hours and still didn't see everything the park had to offer; The grounds were huge, including gardens, Chumash willow dwellings, and a farm with horses, cows, donkeys, chickens and turkeys. The mission itself is huge, and has so many rooms, furnished with period artifacts and beautifully tended. We arrived early, Before 8 am and there was only one other couple there. The sunrise was illuminating the mission and surrounding fields and a feeling of immense peace was unmistakable. I am sad that we couldn't stay longer, and even more sad that it is so far from where I live, as I would surely visit more regularly.
That said, I feel blessed to have gone there, to visit a place so serene and seemingly untouched by the sands of time that it really felt like stepping into the past. History ~ the most wondrous thing.
♥ Mission La Purisima ♥

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