May 30, 2010

Big Basin

We went to Big Basin yesterday, which happens to be the oldest state park in California. We all love it there, and have camped out under the majestic, towering redwoods on many occasions. The Easter bunny even found us there one Easter Sunday a few years ago! He creatively hid plastic eggs filled with treats and goodies all around our campsite  In tree hollows and crevices, moss, twigs and leaves, Isabella delightedly ran around collecting them, happy and relieved that he found us even though we were not at home -
(She was really worried about that), and we ended up having the best Easter experience ever when Isabella befriended a little girl camping a ways down the path with her delightful grandparents; They had us over for both an evening campfire and a farewell morning breakfast! Random acts of kindness from complete strangers (-: Nothing like that happened yesterday of course, but we enjoyed the lovely smells of afternoon barbeques and campfires and the sounds of wind and birds in the trees. I wore Jude on my back in the ergo as I hiked through the woods and it was awesome. Forests are my favourite.

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