May 21, 2010

More baby pants! And a mushroom shirt!

On my ongoing quest to keep Jude's big diaper bum covered, I have created yet another fun pants pattern (: This one features an extra panel in the middle to accomodate those bulky cloth diapers ~ and I think it looks super cute with the contrasting colour (: I have a bunch cut out and ready for the sewing machine! This pair I made WAY longer in the leg than he needs right now, Just so they will last forever. I am a big fan of such things ;-) The mushroom shirt is actually an old onesie - Much too small for him now, I cut off the bottom snaps and got put my fabric markers and just started doodling (: When Isabella was a baby, I created tons of patterns for her sweet little dresses, apron skirts and pants...When I discovered I was going to have a boy this time I admit I was slightly saddened, knowing that those happy, decorative fabrics would no longer be of use. I have come to realize, however, that repurposing our old t-shirts and sweaters into cute little Jude-pants is just as satisfying as sewing those funky little dresses (: And this time around I have a much larger army of scanned drawings which can be factored in.. I am thinking some of my owls will be perfect for the next pair (:

1 comment:

  1. Color panel pants & a mushroom shirt? Such cuteness indeed!

    We're off to Oxnard this weekend -- am hoping to finagle a side trip to the Solvang Hans Christian Andersen museum...


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