January 23, 2014

a picture of Teapot and I from last August

Whenever I walk from the barn back to the house, Teapot follows me.
She bounces and leaps into the air and moves just like a wee baby lamb, except that she's a big, round, squishy sheep now! Every time she does this lamb-leaping and 4-leg bouncing, I laugh out loud and get a bit teary-eyed because I am delighted! She is SO cute! And happy. I am a good sheep mama (: If you want an awesome animal to love, get a sheep. They are pure love.


  1. Its nice to hear you talk so lovingly about your sheep, because I mostly hear negative things about them (not being so bright, etc). Being an animal lover, I don't believe them of course!

    1. Yes, I know. I heard the same sort of thing about sheep too but once you spend some time with any creature, you will understand that it is more intelligent than you would imagine. Sheep are very silly, yes, but not stupid. I always cringe when people say that. Honestly, I think people mistake a gentle nature for a lack of personality and a peaceful demeanor for dim-wittedness. Not true!

  2. I agree Samantha. I never imagined how loving and sweet sheep could be until Kathy got some. They can be very trusting while giving birth and I feel privileged that they allow me to share such special moments with them :-))


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