January 7, 2014

Keeping warm with Daddy by the fire (:

Here Jason is reading a book to Jude and Ollie. We don't usually have this fire going; We use the wood stove in the living room during the day and the wood furnace in the basement at night. But, if it is a warmer day, as in below 8 degrees Celsius, we'll sometimes light a fire in the open fireplace because it is just so lovely, so pretty, and really converts the bedroom into a cozy, dreamy, wonderful-smelling space. On this particular day, Jude and I had been sledding down the hill outside (actually, he did the sledding, and I repeatedly dragged his sled back up the hill) so when we came inside we were certainly deserving of some roasted marshmallows. The fire was still going, so we found some sticks in our kindling and got to work roasting them. Yum! What a wonderful time! Jude was so happy, and proud that he was allowed to roast his very own marshmallows (: 

1 comment:

  1. Wow, a fireplace in the bedroom - what a luxury! Looks like THE place to be when it is so darn cold.


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