January 6, 2014

Our beautiful eggs!

A few days ago, our welsummer hen finally layed her first egg (the darkest brown one on the right). It was so breathtakingly beautiful that I finally made an egg still-life and took a moment out of my crazy day to photograph it. We have a few easter-eggers who have been laying for a few weeks - as you can see from the pretty blue eggs (: Lovely girls, we eat up their yummy eggs every day for lunch! Bacon and eggs! Woo hoo! What a wonderful thing it is to raise chickens (:


  1. What a rainbow of colors! We had Araucanas a couple of years ago, it was fun to see the greenish eggs. We'll have to think about getting some more - would be great fun for my little babe. How are your chickens still laying in the cold and dark - do you use a heat light?

    1. Right now we are getting around 8 or 10 eggs a day. We have about 55 chickens ~ some are roosters and 17 of them are still juvenile. The layers are doing very well considering the cold. And no, we don't use a heat lamp. We did last winter and it seemed to cause more stress than good, so this year I am going with my gut and doing what is more natural. So far, even though it's cold, the chickens seem happier and healthier than last winter (:


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