January 4, 2014

Jason's igloo

After the big ice storm, our land was covered with layers of ice that were at least 4 inches thick. It was not at all fun to shovel the driveway after that, and to be honest I didn't shovel it all because I couldn't. Jason and I were out there for hours; I broke up the ice with my shovel and he scooped it up and out of the way. It was SO heavy - and I am embarrassed to admit that I was not strong enough to deal with it but my arm muscles were just not fit for the job.

Jason took the broken up ice slabs and started to build this awesome igloo with them. He finished the top on another day, and then the temperature went up so it melted a bit and then the temperature dropped again and it snowed, and what we have now is this perfectly magical looking igloo (:
In this photo, Pippin is thinking that he likes it very much.

Talulah REALLY loves it though, on sunny days. If it weren't for the igloo, I think she would stay in the barn all day long during this mean, cold winter weather. In my experience so far, goats seem to be much more diva-ish than sheep when it comes to precipitation or cold (-; She does seem very content as she stands in the doorway in late morning, soaking in the sunshine. She's a funny girl (:

On this night, we find the world to be much less cold than earlier in the week, thank goodness. Our pipes have thawed and yay! We have hot water again to wash the dishes - Oh joy (-;

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  1. The funny life of sheep! Thanks for a Sunday morning smile.


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