January 15, 2014

Jude and Ollie, baby photos

The top picture is of Jude when he was around 7 months old, the bottom of Ollie about 6 months.

When I think of the babyhood of my boys, these two photos pretty much say it all. 

As far as personalities go, they are pretty much polar opposites. 
Jude was a very unhappy baby, having had severe digestive issues from the night he was born until he was nearly 2 years old, poor little guy. He didn't sleep, he cried incessantly, and it was very hard to comfort him. It was a tough road for all of us, but he's much better now (:

Ollie, he was born calm and peaceful, and when he learned how to be happy, he did that even better. Easy-going and sweet, he charms every grandmother he meets when we run errands in town! He is the type of child who plays by himself for long periods of time in a very imaginative way, submerged in his own little world and very secure in himself and his private space. Jude is intense, complex, sensitive, passionate and fiery. He is also extremely creative and very loving.
Perhaps it is the extreme difference in personalities that makes these two such good buddies. They balance one another. 

Jude and Ollie are best friends. They play together all day long. Sure, they squabble and bonk each other on the head with things but the second they are apart, all they want to do is get back to one another to play. It is a beautiful thing!

It's amazing, motherhood. You get this small being all of a sudden, and as tiny as they are, they are already all that they are. They grow, and you grow with them, and it is crazy and unrehearsed and you are exhausted but filled with purpose, and what better reason is there to live, honestly? 

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  1. Yes, I often wonder what my little babe will be like and if that is influenced more by what I am doing every day with her or just what is already inside her tiny head.


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