January 5, 2014

New in the shop!

I have been making some woodland pendants..

Jason and I collect branches from fallen hardwood trees on our land.

He slices and sands them, and then I bring them up to my studio and have tons of fun painting on them (: Isabella usually comes in and sits with me; We chat and drink tea and sometimes watch a movie while I'm working. It has come to be something of a routine, and a lovely one at that!

6 are listed in my etsy shop and I have 16 more to add once they are varnished (water-based non-toxic!) and photographed.

I love owls and birds, rabbits, foxes, deer and bears, all the wild creatures that I share this land with, but also the unseen creatures, the nature spirits and gentle gnome beings that so often come about when I get a paint brush in my hand..so these are what I have been painting (: And, of course trees and leaves and flowers, some of the most profound teachers/healers/friends of all.

To see them in my online shop, kindly click here.


  1. They are beautiful - you have such a unique style. You and your husband sound like a great team.


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