January 13, 2014

Handmade stamps!

During the summer, Isabella and I decided to give ourselves a fun creative challenge, which was to try and make something every day. It could be an art project, something more crafty, an interesting meal..anything that uses both the head and hands.
We did pretty good, and managed to get really creative on the days that were devoid of obstacles (illnesses, really crazy days and times when she was visiting elsewhere). I was planning on chronicling our activities and finished projects but was so busy with summer living, doing and creating, I ended up staying away from my blog for quite a time. 

These cute stamps were one of those projects, the easiest thing ever but so satisfying!
Jude and Ollie had demolished a cheap dollar-store sword made of foam so Bella and I cut shapes out of it (it was already sticky because it was made of pieces and layers that had adhesive between them) and fixed them onto some extra wooden blocks Jason had made. Isabella made a heart, a cupcake, and a pirate with crossbones for Jude and I made the mushroom. Very fun (:

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  1. What a great challenge for yourself! Love the mushroom.


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