January 30, 2014

Superhero Alphabet

Jude (4 yrs) is very much taken with superheroes.

In the time span of one hour he can transform himself, in both character and costume, to at least a handful of different superheroes (or bad guys, if the mood calls for it). He will 'become' Superman, Spiderman, Batman, or a whole bunch of his own invented superhero (which I much prefer). Little Ollie (2 yrs) naturally becomes whatever sidekick Jude requires, but he likes to be called Superbaby best of all (-;

So Jason sat him down one day and together they brainstormed all of the short "A" words that would be good for superhero names, and then drew a picture of the letter and the superhero on a piece of paper. Jude loves the idea, and is excited to make a new picture every day. He loves it so much, in fact, that he will sometimes invent 2 or 3 other superheroes that start with that letter and then draw them as well! Jason really hit the nail on the head with this activity (:

A is for Alligator Man. 
B is for Banana Man
C is for Cat Boy
D is for Dog Boy
E is for Egg Man (And Elephant Man)
F is for Frog Boy (And Fire Star)
G is for Garbage Man

So far, Jude has done letters A through G.
I adore every one of his illustrations; Each one is completely unique and he puts so much attention into the detailing, When he's finished the alphabet we plan to put the lot of them into a book. In the meantime, Jason has started scanning them so that we can transform the images into alphabet flash cards as well (:



  1. You guys have to win the prize for most talented, creative family in rural Canada! What an awesome idea. Would love to see the illustration for "Egg Man"! :) Is his weapon a spatula?

    1. Thanks Katie (: His weapon is eggs. He throws them at bad guys!

  2. This is an amazing idea. My 5 year old son would just love this. I hope you don't mind if I use this idea with him? He loves making up superheroes and stories about them.

    Okay, he just came into the room and when he saw the pictures, he was all dimples - it's a go. :)

    Thanks for the idea!

    1. Of course I don't mind! Have fun! It's awesome to see what the little guys come up with (:

  3. Samantha, this is wonderful!!


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